Device Fabrication and Characterisation

A researcher working on a device in a nitrogen atmosphere glovebox.
A researcher working on a device in a nitrogen atmosphere glovebox.

We have the facilities to manufacture and characterise organic light emitting diodes, field effect transistors and photovoltaics.

Devices are fabricated in our clean room facility where, if necessary, they can be processed entirely in a nitrogen atmosphere glovebox.

Much of our work consists of solution processed materials which can be spin and drop cast by dissolving the polymer, dendrimer or small molecule in an organic solvent. By varying solvent volatility, solution concentration and spin coating speeds we can produce a variety of film thicknesses and achieve optimised devices.

We also have the a number of evaporators for the vacuum deposition of organic materials which is particularly useful for fabricating multilayer devices and we can deposit a wide variety of metals and inorganic materials to produce electrical contacts, enhance charge injection, provide insulator layers for transistors or quenching layers for exciton diffusion studies.

Our organic LED testing rigs can measure steady state electroluminescence efficiency, colour and light emission angle for through investigation of organic light emitting devices.

In our organic photovoltaic testing setup we can measure the spectral responsivity of our solar cells and organic colour sensors. We can measure the power efficiency of our organic solar cells using our solar simulator to provide an accurate picture of their performance in real applications.

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