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    The growth of resistance to antibiotics means that antimicrobial resistance (AMR), including bacteria, fungi and viruses, could overtake cancer as a cause of death. Finding novel approaches to combat (multidrug resistant) bacteria has therefore become very important. This project will explore an the use of photodynamic therapy (PDT) to kill bacteria and other pathogens. PDT is a treatment which uses light in combination with a light-sensitive drug to generate reactive oxygen species that then kill neighbouring cells. It is used in many parts of the world to treat common skin cancers (e.g. basal cell carcinoma). So far, PDT has used large and expensive hospital-based light sources, notably lasers, filtered lamps or large arrays of LEDs. These cumbersome light sources have limited its use to specialized centres that have the particular equipment required. In this project we will explore organic light-emitting diodes as compact, lightweight and wearable light sources for PDT, together with a new technique to measure their effectiveness.

    This World-Leading St Andrews studentship is a collaboration between the Schools of Medicine and Physics and Astronomy and will be supervised by Dr Robert Hammond, Professor Stephen H. Gillespie, and Dr Ben Parcell (School of Medicine) and Professor Ifor D. W. Samuel (School of Physics and Astronomy).

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