We work with a wider variety of academic and industrial partners, linking our distinctive expertise to complementary skills from around the world to pursue innovative research.

perovskite patterning

Within St Andrews we work closely with other members of the Organic Semiconductor Centre in which researchers from chemistry and physics work together at the common interface of organic semiconductor research.

Prof Graham Turnbull examines explosive sensing equipment
Prof Graham Turnbull examines explosive sensing equipment

We also work with other groups throughout Scotland as part of SUPA, the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance, and through links to the chemistry groups of Prof Peter Skabara and Prof Graeme Cooke at the University of Glasgow.

We are part of an EPSRC programme grant on hybrid polaritonics that combines researchers from Southampton, Sheffield and Würzburg Universities

We have many international collaborations.  These include being a partner in the EU programmes MILEDI and POLYTHEA.  MILEDI is developing and patterning light-emitting materials for displays.  POLYTHEA is developing photosensitisers for photodynamic therapy.

Further afield we regularly exchange researchers with Kyushu and Kyoto Universities as part of an EPSRC JSPS Core to Core research programme developing new TADF materials and devices.

We have also worked with a wide range of companies including Ambicare Health Ltd, CynoraCDTXanthellaMicroresist Technology and KP Technology.